Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard (Paladins of the Harvest #1), by Kaden Love

24 Jan 2024

The Book

Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard
Series: Paladins of the Harvest
Pages: 451
Age Group: Adult
Published on 24 Jan 2024
Publisher: Self-Published
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The beginning of a new fantasy epoch from debut author, Kaden Love.

Forced to appease the policies of a foreign fiefdom, Phenmir must do the unthinkable: harvest organs from infants.

Ten years ago, a new generation of children began to manifest abilities from the gods. Now, nearly half of the continent has chosen to graft the organs granting the abilities into adults. These gifted children are no longer the only ones with divine power. 

Phenmir will no longer participate, but can he repent his sin before all morality is lost?

Meanwhile, Aerhee will give all to preserve the process of harvesting, silencing those who oppose her people?

Will this land of peace resort to the barbaric practice of war? In a battle of preservation and progression, there can only be one victor.

My Review

Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard is the first book in the epic grimdark fantasy series Paladins of the Harvest, the debut novel of Kaden Love. An ambitious and complex worldbuilding and an intricate political plot, told using several POVs, are some of the elements that will make this novel perfect for Sanderson fans.

Ten years ago, children started manifesting abilities from the gods; a substantial part of the continent has accepted to harvest those organs from the children, and graft them into adults, transferring the powers in the process, arguing that they are working towards the greater good (you can guess this is a bit of a dystopia after all).
From the start, you can guess that the author has put a ton of love in the worldbuilding, using the first chapters as a sort of introduction to the complexity of the continent, the six Courts and how the relationship between Endowers and Endowed works (including the manifestation of the powers). Religion is also an integral part of the life in the continent. Harvesting is not accepted by everybody, and that means the continent is divided against it; the flames of a rebellion have been lit.

All is explained using several POVs, especially highlighting Phenmir and Aerhee, who are on opposite sides of the conflict. Phenmir has been working as a surgeon harvesting organs to appease the policies of a foreign court; but it has been too much for him. Decided to start a new life, he will no longer participate and return to his land, where the rebellion is starting, trying to redeem himself from the sins of the past.
On the other side, Aerhee believes in grafting and wants to preserve it; but the power hungry structures that appeared around and the opposition are putting it in a delicate situation. She will need to move with precision to save harvesting against the rebellion that is starting.

Elegy is a really ambitious book, and sometimes that can play a bit against the narrative and the pacing; especially because the initial part is exposition heavy and can be felt as overwhelming for many readers. However, it is true that all the foundations are used in the best way to unleash an authentic "sanderlache" in the second part of the book.

Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard is a promising debut novel, perfect if you are looking for a big scope epic fantasy but with dark touches; I'm in awe to see how Kaden Love continues with his Paladins of the Harvest series.

The Author/s

Kaden Love

Kaden Love

Kaden Love wrote his debut novel in his final year of nursing school. Dedicated to his craft, he is ready to begin an epoch of unique fantasy. Inspired by the works of George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, and Pierce Brown, he wanted to create his own worlds. Mixing the fantastic with philosophy, his words will leave you captivated and astounded. He currently lives with his wife in Salt Lake City, Utah where he juggles running to audiobooks, writing, reading, and living out his own adventures.