Five Nights, by Rachel Wolf

The Book

Five Nights
Pages: 340
Age Group: Adult
Published on 2/29/2024
Publisher: Head of Zeus
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A powerful family. A luxury cruise. A killer on board…

You’re invited to join the infamous Scarmado family on a five night voyage aboard their glamorous new ship. It’s a chance to see your best friend, Belle, newly married to Mattia Scarmado. You haven’t seen her in years.


On the first night, you’ll be wrapped up in the glamour of the ship.


On the second night, you’ll wonder who is sending you threatening notes.


On the third night, someone will die.


On the fourth night, you’ll discover that someone knows the truth of what you did.


On the last night, you’ll be left for dead.


My Review

Five Nights is an addictive thriller, written by Rachel Wolf, and published by Head of Zeus; Emily has been invited to a luxury cruise ship by her friend Belle, three years since the last time they reunited (and due to a good reason). But Belle needs her support to deal with the Scamardo family and their machinations, an opportunity for Emily's redemption.

But if the Scamardo family and Emily share something, is their life being full of secrets; and after receiving some threatening messages, Emily decides to start investigating, all to see if she can help Belle. However, passing five nights will be proven as tricky, especially as things start to heat, and the actual personality of many of the Scamardo's siblings are revealed.

A plot that starts unraveling more questions than answers, combining three timelines in order to let the reader try to guess who is the assassin inside; all while dealing with the unlikeable personality of many of the characters. The pacing is fast, going from scene to scene without a single moment to breath, creating a great intrigue that only gets resolved a few pages before the gran finale.

A really interesting thriller, which is perfect if you like character-driven narratives with multiple timelines; an intriguing proposal that Wolf executes almost flawlessly. If you are looking for your next film, read Five Nights.

The Author/s

Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf

Based in St Alban’s but having grown up in the North of England, Durham graduate Rachel Wolf has established herself as an accomplished thriller writer. Before transitioning to a writing career, she worked for a holiday company, gaining extensive travel experience that serves as inspiration for her novels.

The thriller Five Nights draws from her travels, offering readers a glimpse into the world of luxury cruise ships and super-rich characters. Wolf's writing is grounded in a practical understanding of human nature, influenced by her diverse background and