Lady Eve's Last Con, by Rebecca Fraimow

24 Jun 2024

The Book

Lady Eve's Last Con
Pages: 368
Age Group: Adult
Published on 4 Jun 2024
Publisher: Solaris
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  Ruth Johnson and her sister Jules have been small-time hustlers on the interstellar cruise lines for years. But then Jules fell in love with one of their targets, Esteban Mendez-Yuki, sole heir to the family insurance fortune. Esteban seemed to love her too, until she told him who she really was, at which point he fled without a word.

Now Ruth is set on revenge: disguised as provincial debutante Evelyn Ojukwu and set for the swanky satellite New Monte, she’s going to make Esteban fall in love with her, then break his heart and take half his fortune. At least, that's the plan. But Ruth hadn't accounted for his older sister, Sol, a brilliant mind in a dashing suit... and much harder to fool.Sol is hot on Ruth's tail, and as the two women learn each other’s tricks, Ruth must decide between going after the money and going after her heart.  

My Review

Lady Eve's Last Con is a romp sci-fi romcom novel, a delicious and fun proposal written by Rebecca Fraimow and published by Solaris. An ambitious con which ends taking more ramifications than it was expected, a candid romance, great worldbuilding and fully fleshed characters are the elements that make of this book a great read. 

Ruth and Jules Johnson have been working as small-scope hustlers in an interstellar cruise for years; until Jules fell in love with Esteban Mendez-Yuki, one of their targets and heir to the Mendez-Yuki fortune. While it seemed a mutual relationship, when Jules reveals her identity to Esteban, he fled without more explanations.
Ruth is decided to get vengeance; disguised as Evelyn's Ojukwu, a debutante in the satellite New Monte, she will make Esteban fall in love with her, break his heart, and get the half of his fortune. However, what she didn't take into account was Esteban's sister, Sol, a brilliant and much harder to fool woman.

A con that was not easy to execute at the first time, but which still can become harder as Ruth starts falling in love with Sol, a sentiment that progressively become mutual; cold-hearted Ruth is getting melted by the impulsiveness of Sol. Her mind is still focused on procuring that fortune for her sister, but definitely, we can see how she progressively loses the rationality and the heart starts governing her decisions.

Fraimow expertly blends several genres in this novel, an explosive mix which is super enjoyable to read. From the humour and feelings of the rom-com, to some thriller elements related to a criminal subplot, and all spiced with a dash of sci-fi in the worldbuilding; I found myself laughing out loud, but at the same time super invested in Ruth and Sol, and suffering whenever they were struggling. The pacing is simply excellent, and all the relevant information is eventually revealed, keeping that layer of intrigue that hooks you into the plot.

Lady Eve's Last Con is, simply, an excellent sci-fi romcom, a really fun book which you will love if you are into flawed characters; personally I would love to return to this part of the universe, and maybe continue with the same characters, but it was a really satisfying reading. Read it if you want fun in your romantic sci-fi!

The Author/s

Rebecca Fraimow

Rebecca Fraimow

Rebecca Fraimow is an author and archivist living in Boston. Her short fiction has recently appeared in PodCastle, The Fantasist, and Consolation Songs: Optimistic Speculative Fiction for a Time of Pandemic, among other venues. Her short story in Consolation Songs, "This Is New Gehesran Calling," appeared on the longlist for the 2021 Hugo Award.