Legacy of Brick and Bone (Tainted Dominion #2), by Krystle Matar

The Book

Legacy of Brick and Bone
Series: Tainted Dominion
Pages: 798
Age Group: Adult
Published on 4/25/2023
Publisher: Self-Published
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Follow the law and you’ll stay safe. But what if the law betrays you?

It all started with the girl from the river: mutilated, tattooed, murdered. Tashué couldn’t help but look for answers and in the process, he uncovered the ugly truths being hidden by the very law he used to believe in—the law of the Authority.

Now he’s fighting for his life. Mere survival isn’t enough; he desperately wants to save his son from the Authority, and he wants revolution. At any cost.

Davik Kaine has been gathering power under everyone’s noses. Ruthless, ambitious, with a rebel army backing him, he wants revolution, too. He’s probably the only person powerful enough to protect Tashué from the looming implosion of the political field. And he’s the only person with the connections to save Jason.

He may also be responsible for the death of the girl from the river.

Is making peace with Davik worth it, if it saves Tashué’s son from the Authority?

If Tashué plays along with what Davik wants, can Tashué get retribution for the girl from the river?  

My Review

Legacy of Brick and Bone is the second book in the romantic grimdark fantasy series Tainted Dominion, written by Krystle Matar, direct sequel to the SPFBO7 finalist Legacy of the Brightwash. Tashué is being persecuted by the authority, but he wants a change, a revolution against the authority; Stella is on the run, trying to take care of Ceridwen, and new characters are introduced to make this sequel as memorable as the original book.

And I can't lie when saying that Lorne has become my favourite character of the sequel: fighting for a life, and becoming a professional boxer for Davik, one of the gang leaders that holds the power to change the things, and that might help Jason to get out of the Authority controlled system; and remembers me much to the old "to be a heavyweight champion you need to be able to withstand a good beating". He's a simple person, lending his fate in the hand of others, but at the same time, he takes pride in being a good fighter.
Davik is another of the conductor threads of the plot, as for a big part of the book, Stella and Tashué are on the run, trying to deal with the consequences derived from Tashué's investigation. He actually cares about the people, and we can see it in how he administers his band and The Dripping Bucket (yes, the interdimensional tavern appeared).

Our beloved duo returns, but assuming secondary roles until Tashué comes back to the city; associating with Davik might not be his election, but it is a needed one if he wants to finally break the chains the system has imposed over the people.

Despite being a chonker, you never feel this book as being long; with all the foundations established from Brightwash, Matar enhances and creates a bigger story full of intense moments that also allow to develop further the characters. There are many memorable points, but I can't talk much about them because you know, spoilers.

The writing is visceral, strong, looking to convey emotions while keeping the story advancing at an excellent pacing.
In summary, if you loved Brightwash, you are going to be obsessed with Legacy of Brick and Bone, as it is a step-up in terms of intensity; honestly, I can't guess what Matar has under the sleeve, but I can't wait to read it.

The Author/s

Krystle Matar

Krystle Matar

Krystle Matar has been writing for a long time, but things got serious when Tashué Blackwood walked into her life, an amber-eyed whirlwind. Her debut, Legacy of the Brightwash, is a SPFBO Finalist, a r/Fantasy nominee for Best Debut and Best Indie.

When she isn’t arguing with Tashué or any of his friends, she parents full-time. She has a lot of children, too many hobbies, and one very excellent husband