River of Stars (Will of the Wayfinder #2), by Lily Anne Crow

13 Mar 2024

The Book

River of Stars
Series: Will of the Wayfinder
Pages: 410
Age Group: Adult
Published on 18 Jun 2022
Publisher: Self-Published
Epic Fantasy
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On the path, you can only walk forward. Leave the path and you are lost forever.

Wounds wrought from both steel and magic scar the ruins of the ancient Builder city and the hearts of Thaniel’s beleaguered band. Despite rescuing their captured kin and the surviving nature spirits, the pain of betrayal and the loss of a dear friend weigh heavily on each hero.

The Queen of Dust drives her terrible army towards Athindaira, the cradle of humanity. If the city is not warned before her arrival, the fledgling civilization of man has little hope to survive her wrath. Desperate to reach home before the deadly sorceress, Thaniel must open a long-forgotten door and lead his companions through a realm no Wayfinder has ever walked.

But in the mysterious realm of Aban-ruel, will they find their true path, or fall to the dread darkness that once drove the Builders from the domain of dreams? The further Thaniel journeys in the River of Stars, the more secrets and half-truths he finds… and the more the frayed path crumbles before him. It will take every ounce of courage and ingenuity Thaniel and his companions possess to overcome the turbulent storms and nightmare creatures that hound their every step.Will fate allow them to escape and save Athindaira? Or will they perish in the claws of a being so vast its shadow falls over the entire River of Stars?

River of Stars is the thrilling second adventure in the fantasy series Will of the Wayfinder.  

My Review

River of Stars is the second book in the epic fantasy series Will of the Wayfinder, written by Lily Anne Crow. Picking just after the ending of Dreams of Dust, our band of heroes led by Thaniel are in a really difficult situation, after surviving the treason of one of their members and the ancient magic, but not without a cost.

The Queen of Dust is marching towards Athindaira with her army, threatening to destroy the cradle of humanity; unless our heroes manage to warn them before their arrival. Time is running short, and that means Thaniel will be forced to use ancient magic and to walk the Aban-Ruel, the river of stars created by the Builders, a path that no one has used in a long age.
Thaniel shows the consequences of the time he has spent outside, growing and becoming more confident, even taking the lead of our group while trying to use the Aban-Ruel to reach Athindaira before the sorceress; and he won't be alone, as our band will be more united than ever, working all for the same target. A lilka will join to the group, Soliana, a spirit that will help them, and that honestly, it's an adorable animal companion.

Despite the journey trope is used again in this novel, the author manages to again make it a really enjoyable experience, as we transit with our characters through unknown places, but which are quite literal marvels, especially accompanied with the descriptive prose used; she manages to create vivid images with only words, bringing to life that series of paths created by the Builders. We don't have to forget this is a run against time, but a part of you just wants to continue losing yourself inside the Aban-Ruel.
An additional POV is given to follow the progress of the villains and their plans to destroy Athindaira; without forgetting why the Queen of Dust is focused on it. She's just a mother acting out of love for her daughter, a really powerful feeling.

Rivers of Stars in an excellent sequel in this character-driven series; it puts a stop to this arc of the series, with a satisfying ending and taking advantage of those elements that made the first book memorable. I'm curious to see what will Thaniel live in the future.

The Author/s

Lily Anne Crow

Lily Anne Crow

Lily Anne Crow is a storyteller of dark fantasy and epic fantasy tales, where you never know what lurks in the shadows, and almost anyone can rise to the rank of hero. She has been writing stories of the fantastic since she could hold a quill. Her debut novel, If Light Above, is the first in the series titled A War of Whispers.

Though Lily has been training young Magisters for fifteen years, she desires a change of scenery and is aiming to make story-telling a full-time occupation. She is a lover of all things wild and magical, from sweet wine to exotic beasts, and from starry skies to snowy mountain-tops. 

When she’s not writing, Lily enjoys spending time with her closest people and her most beloved creatures, delving deep into nature, or discovering new parts of her fantasy world, Erlahain.