Teleportasm (Killer V/H/S #3), by Joshua Millicam

18 Jun 2024

The Book

Series: Killer V/H/S
Pages: 176
Age Group: Adult
Published on 25 Jun 2024
Publisher: Shortwave Publishing
Available on:


Four friends unearth a unique VHS tape that, when viewed, causes short-distance teleportation with euphoric after-effects, inadvertently launching a perilous trend.

As copies of the original tape are made, the results become less predictable and ultimately gruesome due to analog generational decay. Despite the danger, some will risk everything for just one more trip.  

My Review

Teleportasm is the third standalone novella in the horror series Killer V/H/S, written by Joshua Millicam, and published by Shortwave Publishing. With a crazy premise, Millicam weaves a story that puts together body horror with a twisted plot, leading to unexpected and even humorous situations, creating an authentic rollercoaster of reading experience.

Four friends get their hands on a VHS tape that will teleport the viewer six feet due north; if playing with the laws of universe is not enough of a hit, it also rewards with a great high, a sensation not comparable to anyone. As you can imagine, things soon go out of control when each one gets their own copy, and even new copies start circulating, progressively degrading with each new generation.

In the years that follow, we see the consequences of this decision, and how the high associated to teleportation (teleportasm) have created authentic addicts, that at this point doesn't care of the quality of the tape as long as they get their dose, in analogue to drug consumption. Intercalating short episodes with the story of the friends, Millicam takes the opportunity to pay homage to the X Files and zombie movies, including really gruesome body horror scenes that are an authentic delight to read.

It is true that the structure can feel a bit confusing at points, especially with the first time jumps; you could think this is a collection of short stories with a main plot that connects all of them. Said that, the pacing is really on-point, and those minor gripes are just a consequence of the non-lineal structure chosen by the author.

Teleportasm is a great novella, a perfect fit on the Killer V/H/S series, and that will be loved by those that are looking for a more gory entry; Millicam shows his ability to change the tone in short lengths, having written a remarkable book.

The Author/s

Joshua Millicam

Joshua Millicam

After establishing a personal blog in 2011, Millican quickly became one of the genre’s most prolific journalists, contributing to many websites before ultimately landing at Dread Central in 2016. One of the top horror outlets on the planet, Millican served as Editor-in-Chief from 2019 through 2021. His talk show Chronic Horror (sidelined by the Pandemic) explored the intersection of horror movie fandom and cannabis culture. Follow him on Twitter at @josh_millican.