The Binding Power (Ancient's Blood #2), by Cassidy Faline

5 Mar 2024

The Book

The Binding Power
Series: Ancient's Blood
Pages: 508
Age Group: Young Adult
Published on 10 Oct 2023
Publisher: Self-Published
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Power Corrupts,
Power Divides,
Only Power Wins.

I can no longer keep my seat at the nightly dinner, nor peacefully take my rest at night. My thoughts are with the men gathering just outside the manor’s gates, waiting for my command to march on the capital. My heart burns within me. I will destroy them all. That vile, pitiful excuse for a king will not be allowed to continue his efforts toward Ancient contact. Isle help us, what would we do if he actually succeeded?

The new Republic of Retall is in turmoil. Discontent rises amongst those stripped of power, and a Resistance threatens Hiero's new title as king. Former enemies have been restrained, for now, but Hiero still feels the fragility of his position. There are powers at play, powers he can only dream of understanding, but they may serve to destroy everything he has worked so hard to gain. Against a backdrop of loyalty, treachery, and the ever-present threat of war, players both old and new will struggle to each keep their tenuous hold on power, for without it, not one will be able to hold Retall's throne.  

My Review

The Binding Power is the second book in the science fantasy series Ancient's Blood, written by Cassidy Faline, a powerful sequel to The Awakening Fire. After we were spectators of how three men fought for the throne of Retall, in this sequel we will be close to the new king, discovering that keeping the power might be much more difficult than reaching it.

This sequel is a direct step-up in complexity in comparison with the previous book, the Republic of Retall being in a really unstable situation after the ascension of Hiero to the throne; despite he has some enemies under control (and not always using the most moral methods), his position is being threatened by a Resistance that has more allies hidden in the shadows.
Using several points of view, Faline has woven a great story that puts the focus on how the power can change people, how power corrupts; and the Ancients seem to be a powerful source of power.

Characters are developed over the base that was built on the first book, taking it and going further, so you can compare how the new situation over Retall has changed our characters; how they have become totally different people as a consequence of their actions.
The wide range of points of view also helps us to visit more places in the world, discovering places that were only mentioned previously; and the plot on Retall is absolutely compelling, especially how Hiero goes to the extreme to bring back the Ancients.

Talking about the Ancients, I'm glad that Faline has decided to expand this concrete aspect of the worldbuilding; and they have a big impact on the world, either directly manipulating through their power, or with the artifacts that almost can shape the reality. Hopefully, some of the loose threads are used to continue building in the next books, because the Ancients are one of the best parts of this book.

The Binding Power is an excellent sequel, which continues expanding the worldbuilding while focusing on the political intrigues that made the first book so enjoyable. If you like dark science-fantasy, give a try to Ancient's Blood.

The Author/s

Cassidy Faline

Cassidy Faline

Cassidy Faline has been building fantastic new worlds since she was in highschool. She is the author of five books (all of them in queue to be published), with the first released in November 2022.

Cassidy has lived in three countries, and eight US states. She has found that the more real world she explores, the more real her worlds become.

She is currently living in Tampa, Florida, with her husband, baby boy, and two fluffy dogs. On top of writing she enjoys roleplay games, cooking, hosting baby playdates, and spiked lemonade.