The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird, by Louisa Morgan

28 Jan 2024

The Book

The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird
Pages: 385
Age Group: Adult
Published on 21 Nov 2023
Publisher: Orbit Books
Gothic Horror
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The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird is an unforgettable story of obsession, redemption, and the magic of unexpected friendship, from the acclaimed author of A Secret History of Witches.

Beatrice Bird is haunted by ghosts—a gift she's had since she was a small child. Unfortunately, it's an ability that has now grown more intense, shifting from flashes and feelings to physical manifestations she can't escape.

In a desperate attempt to find relief, Beatrice flees her home, her partner, and her psychology practice in San Francisco for a remote island with only nuns and a few cows for company. She doesn’t call home. She sees as few people as she possibly can. Then she meets Anne Iredale, a timid woman who has lost everything that matters to her.

For the first time in a long time, Beatrice's gift will be called on to help someone in need. But the ghosts have taken on an even darker edge—and there is something sinister lurking in the shadows. Beatrice may not be enough to stop what's coming for them.   

My Review

The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird is an excellent Gothic horror novel, written by Louisa Morgan, and published by Orbit Books. Beatrice Bird always had a second sight to see the "ghosts" around other people; a gift that helped to be a better psychologist in San Francisco, but after using LSD this second sight has become a problem, as now those ghosts are everywhere, and living in San Francisco has become difficult for her. In order to ease her suffering, she flees to an aisled cottage on an island, where cows and some nuns are the only company.

But when Anne Iresdale arrives to the island, a woman that has lost everything and it's running away from hell, Beatrice feels herself being drawn towards helping her, using her gift for the best. Discovering the truth behind Anne's fleeing and taking her out of the situation will become key for the own Beatrice's healing; two troubled souls who will become the pillar of each other.
Morgan expertly created two great characters, two damaged people by their circumstances, whose strength is there but need help to treat their wounds. Beatrice is an overgiver, a doctor who really connects and cares about her patients; when she discovers the root of Anne's troubling, she will protect her even if that means her own pain. In comparison, while Anne might look weaker, but she has endured too much just for her son; she just need somebody that listens to what she has lived and supports her, as loneliness has been a big part of her marriage.

The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird is an excellent shell to analyze and bring the spotlight to themes that are still prevalent today (be mindful of the content warnings); even if now they might seem less common, the abusive relationships and the lack of mental health care are a reality that many times are hidden by the environment and the relatives. Anne's backstory is heartbreaking, seeing how she's just abused and not believed because of the position of his husband; using her son as a blackmail piece is the last nail in the coffin.

A captivating novel, a piece of Gothic literature with a excellent prose; The Ghost of Beatrice Bird is, simply, excellent.

The Author/s

Louisa Morgan

Louisa Morgan

Louisa Morgan is the author of A Secret History of Witches, The Witch’s Kind, and The Age of Witches.

Louisa is a yogini, a musician, a mom, and a dog lover. She lives in scenic Northern Idaho with her family and her spirit familiar, Oscar the Border Terrier.