The Hunger of Empires (The Erland Saga #2), by R.S. Moule

13 May 2024

The Book

The Hunger of Empires
Series: The Erland Saga
Pages: 630
Age Group: Adult
Published on 13 Oct 2023
Publisher: Second Sky Books
Epic Fantasy
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Erland is in flames.

Two kings claim the throne and the war between them lays waste to the country.

Far away, an old enemy scents weakness. The vast empire of Ulvatia desires new lands. Under a ruthless new leader, the empire turns its armies on Erland.

Orsian has lived in hiding since his father Andrick was cut down in battle. On the dark backstreets of Cliffark, surrounded by thieves and pirates, he finds a home. When Erland is threatened, Orsian knows he must fight. Will he protect his new friends or risk returning to his family?

Rymond Prindian wears the crown of West Erland, but his struggle for power is just beginning. The might of the empire will fall on his new kingdom soon. Courtiers whisper and ruthless mercenaries sharpen their knives—and Rymond can show no sign of weakness.

High above, Pherri pushes through wind and snow on the mountain of Eryispek to discover the origins of her magic. There, she learns of another war, far greater than the one being fought on the plains below. Two rival gods, with unimaginable power, have been imprisoned in the mountain for centuries.

And now they are breaking free.

My Review

The Hunger of Empires is the second book in the epic fantasy series The Erland Saga, written by R.S. Moule, and published by Second Sky Books. Two kings are fighting for the throne and Erland is broken in two; a destructive war that is attracting the attention of a new enemy that was at the sidelines, waiting for the precise moment, the Ulvatian Empire.

In this epic second instalment, we will continue following characters that we loved from book one, while the world and the cast are expanded, upping the stakes quite a bit.
Orsian has been hiding since his father was killed, but in the streets of Cliffark he finds a home and some people he can call friends; however Erland is under a threat, and he has to decide between this new life or answer the call of his land and fulfill the role that everybody expected from the son of Barrelbreaker.
Meanwhile, Rymond is struggling to keep the crown of West Erland; his power is disputed at every turn and the attack of the Imperial force only puts him even more between the sword and the wall. The new kingdom is under the threat of disappearing at their weakest moment; and Rymond can't trust on those that are close to him.
Disconnected from these struggles, we have Pherri, who continues her travel towards Eryispek, with the hope of discover more about her magic; but she will find that two rival gods are imprisoned in the mountain. Their liberation could end with the Erland she knows.

Moule smoothly expands the world without losing the focus on the political intrigues that made the first book so enjoyable. The fights for power in the Ulvatian Empire create one of the best subplots in the saga, introducing memorable characters such as Drast Fulkiro; Viratia doesn't lose relevance after her husband's death, and her own war is incredible. 

While this book is definitely a chonk by current standards, it doesn't feel as such, as you will totally devour it; the pacing and the writing are really on point. Battles are well-written, and the epicness is always there, even when the focus is put in characters with less relevance, as everybody is playing a role in the big picture.

I compared the first book with A Song of Ice and Fire, and I can only say that the second book raises the previous level; if you are in the look for a epic fantasy with a wide cast of characters, political intrigues and thrilling battles, The Erland Saga is an excellent election. Can't wait to read the conclusion in The Madness of Gods.

The Author/s

R.S. Moule

R.S. Moule

R.S. Moule ('Roger') lives in South London with his wife Eloise and their cat Tinks. He has a passion for writing epic fantasy grounded by human flaws and desires, set in worlds inspired by a childhood divided between his home in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and summers spent exploring the rugged coastline and deep glens of the Isle of Man. When not reading or writing, he can often be found playing guitar, watching football, or looking for his keys.