The Only Way Out Is Through, by Paul Michael Anderson

17 May 2024

The Book

The Only Way Out Is Through
Pages: 134
Age Group: Adult
Published on 21 May 2024
Publisher: Cemetery Gates Media
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You move to a new area, hoping for a fresh start.You bury yourself in a new career, hoping for an identity.

But the new area has roads no one travels down if they can help it, and the people stare at you with secrets behind their eyes that were old before you were born. But the new career has responsibilities that no one warned you about, and the duties weigh on your soul.

Charlie Brooks, a man with a painful past, is about to learn that not even a symbol of law and order can maintain control when forces beyond comprehension want to break through. In a time before instant digital connection and distrust in the world around us, Charlie Brooks will learn how escape is impossible.  

My Review

The Only Way Out Is Through is a horror novella, written by Paul Michael Anderson, and published by Cemetery Gates Media. This volume also includes four more short stories, and it is interesting to note how all of them are a great exercise of experimentation in the field of literary horror, new ways to focus on old tropes.

Talking about The Only Way Out Is Through itself, we have a piece that blends together cosmic horror with police procedural, following Charlie as he moves and enrolls as ranger in a new town; a place full of secrets where he feels he's being intentionally left out of the idea. With an atmosphere that remembers a bit to The Wicker Man, in the sense of the main character being mostly unaware of the reason for his presence, Anderson jumps between internal monologue and narration, giving us a direct way to know about Charlie's ideas.

Making a good use of its length, Anderson weaves a complex situation which ends being resolved in a certainly interesting way, which completes the experience with a setting that can also be compared to Mille 81; a satisfying story that, by itself, makes the reading worth it.

The rest of the collection features four more stories that share the theme of Lovercraftian creatures in combination with more experimental writing; mold-breaking stories that are quite enjoyable due to their uniqueness.

If you are looking for a well written cosmic horror experience, with plenty of different things from the classics, I can recommend you this book. I totally dig why Cemetery decided to reprint this novelette, as it is something amazing!

The Author/s

Paul Michael Anderson

Paul Michael Anderson

Paul Michael Anderson is the author of the collections BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN and EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT IN THE END: APOCALYPSE SONGS, as well as the novellas I CAN GIVE YOU LIFE, HOW WE BROKE (with Bracken MacLeod), and STANDALONE, as well as numerous short stories and articles. Find him at his website