The Revenge of Thousands (Crown & Tide #0.5), by Michael Roberti

17 Dec 2023

The Book

The Revenge of Thousands
Series: Crown and Tide
Pages: 134
Age Group: Adult
Published on 25 Apr 2023
Publisher: Self-Published
Grim Fantasy
Available on:


Before we were TRAITORS…
Before there was a GRAVE waiting for us all..
While more than WORMS remained…
It started with a war. It began with REVENGE.  

My Review

The Revenge of Thousands is an introductory novella to the grim fantasy series Crown & Tide, written by Michael Roberti. An ambitious story told from multiple POV that tries to set up the situation that is shown in The Traitors We Are, the major novel on the series; an appetizer, which in my opinion works better after reading the big one.

We get to appreciate some of the bigger details of the world, such as the particularity that when a person dies, all his writing disappears; bringing so many interesting situations. Roberti tries to set the story using a number of morally grey characters from both sides of the war that is starting; however, it feels we should know more about them to fully understand their motivations (in that sense, I would call this as a companion novella to The Revenge of Thousands).

The writing is really competent, shining especially the cleanliness of how action scenes are portrayed; there are many lines that stand with you after closing the book, and for me, it was the particular highlight of this reading.

While I would recommend reading this book after the main novel, The Revenge of Thousands is a competent companion novella to his world of Crown & Tide; you can appreciate some of his strengths, and hopefully, it catches you to read the rest of the series.

Disclaimer: This novella has been read as part of the SFINCS. This review/rating only represents my personal opinion and it might differ with what the team decides.

The Author/s

Michael Roberti

Michael Roberti

Indie Fantasy Author of the Crown and Tide Series. A Grave for Us All—May 15, 2024. Book blogger w/ @BookSilverstone. Father. Husband. Punk. Christian. He/Him.