The Truest Sense: A Collection of Horrors, by Laura Keating

22 Jun 2024

The Book

The Truest Sense
Pages: 132
Age Group: Adult
Published on 11 Jun 2024
Publisher: Cemetery Gates Media
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From Laura Keating, author of Agony’s Lodestone, come fifteen new tales of terror to torment the senses. In this collection, Horror is…

The last moments of a team of doomed archeologists, lost in a cave that defies time, trapped with unspeakable, moving images, and a strange, grinning presence…

The white-eyed children gathered behind an abandoned kissing gate, and the ragged-toothed queen no one believes is real…

The celebrity demonologists, confident in their abilities and faith – until they meet a grotesque new Adversary…

The odd little girl of many skills who is followed by four yellow birds – and a gruesome secret…

The mysterious person atop an old lighthouse, searching for salvation and caught in a desperate race from the law – and themself…

The town trapped in the thrall of a shadowy, alien force; compelled to forget and to build – by whatever means and material available…


My Review

The Truest Sense is a spine-tingling collection of horror short stories, written by Laura Keating, and published by Cemetery Gates Media. A collection that showcases the bizarre and the supernatural, deeply atmospherical; fifteen stories that are a good representation of Keating's talent.

All the stories captivate the reader, starting from subtle details encloses more sinister things in the interior; Keating puts a big emphasis on building the atmosphere, including many references to the Canadian East Coast. Despite the stories are thematically different in the reason of the horror, all of them are captivating, wrapping the reader in their embrace.

In particular, I find Mine Is Not to be my particular favourite among the collection; not only for the exorcism theme, but also for how flawlessly is its execution. It also explores the brutal side of the theme, and certainly, I would love to see it becoming a longer piece.

The Truest Sense is an excellent horror collection, highly atmospheric, and a recommend for the lovers of this genre. Agony's Lodestone was an excellent presentation letter, and with the Truest Sense, Keating confirms her place as a superb horror writer.

The Author/s

Laura Keating

Laura Keating

Laura Keating is a horror writer from St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

Her short fiction has been published by Grindhouse Press, Cemetery Gates, Ghost Orchid Press, and others. She authors stories about monsters both human and unnatural, traditional creep-fests, and contemporary quiet horror filled with dread.

Her debut novella, AGONY'S LODESTONE, is due for release April 14, 2023 from Tenebrous Press.

A collection of her short fiction will be released in summer of the same year.

She lives in Montreal with her husband, son, two cats, and possibly one ghost.

To learn more, please follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.