When the Devil, by Emma E. Murray

31 Mar 2024

The Book

When the Devil
Pages: 66
Age Group: Adult
Published on 7 May 2024
Publisher: Shortwave Media
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In When the Devil, Libby finds salvation in a new sapphic partner, homebrewed poison, and facing a God she no longer believes in.

My Review

When the Devil is a Southern horror novelette, an intense and cathartic piece written by Emma E. Murray, which will be published by Shortwave Media. Lynn is trapped in an abusive marriage (and supported by her father), but when June appears in the town, she will experience freedom, and will see a way out of her situation.

A fast-paced story structured around Lynn's desires to escape from this toxic relationship, and which is only fulfilled when June appears to give her an anchor point that helps Lynn to manifest her own preferences. Lynn is an excellent representation of those women trapped in abusive marriages that are perpetuated by fear and sometimes with the complicity of the own family; thankfully for her, June is there.
June definitely fulfills more the role of a grey-morale character, as despite we can understand the idea behind her actions, and we can even support them, you cannot stop you thinking if she is mostly playing the role of the Devil in this novelette: the measures are really extreme even if it's needed for Lynn's sake.

Even in that situation, Murray has written an extremely cathartic novelette, with sapphic elements that add a bit more to the plot; a perfect piece if you are looking for a short horror book without avoiding the intensity of it.

The Author/s

Emma E. Murray

Emma E. Murray

I love to write macabre and unsettling stories, mainly in the horror and dark speculative fiction genres. When I’m not writing or reading, I loves playing pretend with my daughter, hiking, and being an obnoxious bard in Dungeons and Dragons.