March of the Sequels Hub

31 Mar 2023

Sequels are notoriously difficult for authors to sell. Even people who love Book 1 in a series often don’t go on to read the sequel. In March a group of book bloggers decided to read and review mainly sequels. We are also interviewing authors about their sequels.

Here you will find links to all of the reviews and interviews undertaken in March using the #marchofthesequels tag.

Day 1: JCM Berne, author of the Hybrid Helix Series

Day 2: N. C. Scrimgeour, author of the Waystations Trilogy

Day 2: Élan Marché and Christopher Warman, author of The Eight Chant Series

Day 3: L.L. MacRae, author of World of Linaria and Dragon Spirits Series

Day 4: Jarod Meyer, author of William of Archonia series

Day 5: Dan Fitzgerald, author of the Maer Cycle

Day 6: Ceril N Domance, author of The Fae Queen's Court series

Day 7: Emma L. Adams, author of the Relics of Power series

Day 8: Tessa Hastjarjanto, author of the Infernal Contracts series

Day 8: Cal Black, author of the Legends and Legacies series

Day 9: Ben Green, author of the RIINDUM series

Day 9: Tru Skies, author of the Cruel Gods series

Day 10: L.L. Stephens, author of the Triempery Revelations series

Day 10: Phil Williams, author of the Ordshaw series

Day 11: Tatiana Obey, author of A Forging of Age Duology

Day 12: Cat Rector, author of Unwritten Runes

Day 13: J.E. Hannaford, author of the Black Hind's Wake duology

Day 13: G.M. Nair, author of Duckett & Dyer

Day 14: Jonathan Shuerger, author of the Shades of Black series

Day 14: Jamie Jackson, author of the Adventures of a Humanoid Villain

Day 16: K.R.R. Lockhaven, author of the Azure Archipelago series

Day 16: Palmer Pickering, author of Children of the Moon series

Day 17: Erynn Lehtonen, author of the Yokai Calling series

Day 19: A.K.M. Beach, authors of the Banshee Curse

Day 20: H.C. Newell, author of the Falling Light Series

Day 21: Brand J. Alexander, author of the Guardians of the Tide Series

Day 22: Joel Flanagan-Grannemann, author of the Servants of the Moon and the Sun series

Day 23: Cassidy Faline, author of the Ancient's Blood series

Day 24: Mike Mollman, author of the Protectors of Pretanni series

Day 24: Christer Lende, author of the Beast Hunter of Ashbourn series

Day 25: Susana Imaginário, author of the Timelessness series

Day 26: D.N. Bryn, author of These Treacherous Tides

Day 27: Joseph John Lee, author of the Spellbinders and the Gunslinger series

Day 27: Alex Robins, author of the War of the Twelve series

Day 28: Erika McCorkle, author of the Pentagonal Dominion series

Day 28: Karim Soliman, author of the War of the Last Days series

Day 29: Branwen OShea, author of the Finding Humanity series

Day 30: Dave Dobson, author of the Inquisitors' Guild series

Day 31:  O.E. Tearmann, author of the Aces High, Jokers Wild series